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Cut Out Clutter With These Useful Bathroom Storage Solutions

Is your bathroom getting overwhelming with random shampoo bottles and hair-tangled hair brushes all over it? Maybe you don’t have enough storage in your bathroom, and you’ve run out of room to put all of your toiletries? Your bathroom should be an oasis of calm! Somewhere you can lock yourself away from the mayhem of…

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How Much Does An Ensuite Cost?

You’re tired of having to share the bathroom, we get it. There’s nothing worse than rushing to get ready in the morning and having to wait your turn for the mirror. So, you’re thinking of adding an ensuite to your bedroom but you’re wondering if it’s worth all the hassle and the money. An ensuite…

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7 Steps To Get Your Kitchen Ready For The Holidays

Worried your turkey won’t fit in the oven? Work tops too small for meal prep and your pantry is still painted an awful olive green? Does your kitchen look tired and old and make you feel embarrassed? If your kitchen sucks, it’s time to get it in shape before the holidays start (and family arrives).…

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How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Is your bathroom less ‘cozy’ and more ‘cramped’? In an ideal world, we could all add a few sq. ft. to our homes and enjoy all that extra space to stroll around in a fluffy robe and sip an espresso. But, this isn’t an ideal world and sometimes remodeling is out of the question. And…

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Bathroom Remodels – What You Need To Know & How To Stay Sane During The Process

Remodeling can be an expensive and tough process to go through. There is a lot to get organized and a lot to get done. From tiling the walls to fitting the toilet, from color schemes to shower curtains, there is so much you have to take on board and figure out. But don’t worry! Here…

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