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Is Your HVAC / Plumbing System Going to Make it Through the Summer?

What’s the health of your HVAC / plumbing system? Do you know?

Thanks to a nationwide labor and equipment shortage, the prices for HVAC/plumbing parts and services have skyrocketed!

If you've noticed your HVAC or plumbing system isn't working like it used to, get it checked out ASAP to avoid it breaking down completely… or you might run into some heavy expenses when it comes to emergency replacing parts.

Every day we hear horror stories about companies overcharging their customers (by a lot!) for overpriced parts and replacing parts that could have easily been fixed for cheaper. And it isn't just HVAC, simple plumbing repairs and upgrades are being priced 2-5 times what they should cost even when you factor in the high price of parts. This is insane.

We are working with our customers to fix what we can to delay equipment purchases until later this fall or when prices normalize.

Rest assured that here at Nichols & Phipps we are giving our customers FAIR pricing. Call us if you need a 2nd opinion, we are happy to help our neighbors.

To help you avoid any emergency replacement situations, we are offering a $49 HVAC or plumbing inspection special so you can find out exactly what's wrong with your systems and make a plan.

Let's schedule an inspection! That way, you'll know what's working, what you need to worry about right now, and what could be an issue in the future.

Why replace when you can fix it?

Here at Nichols & Phipps, we love fixing things. Our technicians thrive on finding the right solutions for our clients and saving you money when it comes to your HVAC and plumbing repairs.

Our team of fixers isn't here to overcharge you for parts you don't need! We're here to tell you the facts,  give you honest advice, and solve your problem at a reasonable price.

Find out exactly what needs to be maintained or fixed by relying on a team you can trust to inspect your systems.

Call (703) 670-8519 and schedule your $49 HVAC or plumbing inspection today!


$49 HVAC Or Plumbing Inspection Call Today (703) 670-8519

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