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Who We Are

Serving Northern Virginia Since 1972

Nichols & Phipps is an HVAC, plumbing and electrical service company serving Fairfax, Virginia and the surrounding NOVA region. We know that you have many choices when it comes to repairs and installation of new equipment around your home, so we go the extra mile to set ourselves apart from the competition.

What We Do

We  “do it all.” Even though we offer a number of different services, you can count on us to offer the best quality possible. Our team has master plumbers, licensed electricians and knowledgeable certified HVAC professionals that do things the right way--every time. We have a multi-disciplinary team that works together. Our teams work closely together to solve problems, if one of our plumbers runs into an electrical issue, a master electrician team member is a phone call away. We have a collaborative environment with the ultimate goal of fixing what needs to be fixed, replacing and installing what is new and maintaining it all so it will work well for as long as possible.

Our focus is on building long-term relationships with customers, not earning a quick buck. As such, you can trust our advice. We’ll never suggest unneeded repairs, pad the bill or use upsell tactics to make a fat commission… because we don’t work on commissions. We want to provide exactly what you need, at an affordable price and keep you as a happy customer for as long as you live in NOVA.

Our Commitment to the Earth

When possible, Nichols & Phipps installs low-water use devices, energy efficient HVAC and electrical systems and we recycle items like old AC and heating systems and even the refrigerant used to cool your home. We care about the earth just like you do, and are willing to work hard to prove it.

If you want more information about Nichols & Phipps and the various services we provide, feel free to reach out to us by phone today. We look forward to working with you.

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