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Electrical Panels

The Heart and Mind of Your Home Electrical System

The electrical panel, also known as the load center is the “heart” of your home’s electrical setup. Power from the outside enters your home at this metal service box and is then distributed throughout various circuits which power lights, appliances, and electronics throughout your home. Because this panel controls the flow of electricity around your home, keeping it well-maintained and making repairs as needed is a must.

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At Nichols & Phipps, we offer the services you need to keep your electrical panel in good working order – to give you peace of mind.

Safety Concerns with Your Home Electrical Panel

Keeping your electrical panel in good working order is more than just important, it keeps you and your family safe. Consider the following:

  • A non-working circuit breaker can cause an electrical fire.
  • Too many appliances on the same circuit can lead to electrical overload.
  • If there is too much electricity being run in your home, the only thing that prevents an electrical wire is your circuit breaker.
  • A bad breaker won’t “trip” or shut off when overloaded.

While a working breaker is a must, taking care of maintenance and repairs is not a DIY job. If you are experiencing issues with your panel, or there is a burning smell coming from your breaker box, call an electrician immediately. This is an electricity emergency.

Electrical Panel Services Offered by Nichols & Phipps

  • Electrical Panel Upgrade - If you have an older home or are adding new appliances, upgrading your electrical panel is a great option. We can make certain you have the power you need to keep electricity running, without risking overload.
  • Electrical Panel Repair or Restoration - Homes without a modern electrical panel are stuck in the past, in addition to being a safety hazard. We can make repairs or restore your existing panel and modernize it so it serves you well for years to come.
  • Circuit Breaker Box Replacement - Sometimes, the time comes that replacement of the breaker box is a necessity. Replacing your existing box with a new unit can provide a sense of security and confidence in your home’s electrical system.
  • Installation and Repair of GFCI Breakers - GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) breakers are often found in areas that may get wet, including the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. They sense a sudden change in electrical flow and trip (shut off) to prevent damage.
  • Installation of AFCI Breakers - AFCI (arcing fault circuit interrupters) sense an electrical leak (or arc). They shut off the electricity if an arc occurs. They are now required in most bedrooms.

Code Compliance

Electrical code compliance is one of our key functions. The NEC (National Electrical Code) is a standard used in electrical wiring to protect homes and businesses from faulting wiring. We strive to perform every service to meet or exceed all regulations. Electrical code violations could put you or your home at risk. As such, Nichols & Phipps offers full electrical system inspections to make sure your home is up to code in every way. If there are components that do not meet standards, we can help with upgrades or replacements.

There is a lot to think about with regard to your circuit breaker box or electrical panel. If you have any questions or concerns about this part of your electrical system, reach out to us at Nichols & Phipps today. We are always here for you.

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