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When a home is lit well, all the features are highlighted, the space just feels good. There is enough light, but not too much, just where you need it. So thoughtfully laid out you don’t even think about it. But when the lighting layout is off, there are critical areas of the home that cause you to be annoyed and frustrated. From the amount of or lack of light, the direction of the light and even the location of the light switches can cause you to not enjoy the room.

Northern Virginia indoor lighting - NIchols-Phipps, Woodbridge, VA
Do you have to turn on all the surrounding light to try to illuminate the area you need? You cast a shadow on the counter while working in the kitchen and you feel like you must be going blind? Trying to shave or put on makeup is a challenge due to shadows and backlighting?

Lighting is the art of playing with shadows

Making adjustments to your home’s lighting can be a simple way of improving the overall look and feel as well as making it easier to get the most from your space.

Is there a light fixture in your house you have always hated? We can take care of that. Life is too short to put up with home features you don’t love.

Lighting for Comfort and Function

The right lighting can make life easier, improve your comfort and reduce fatigue while doing chores, eye-strain while working or reading and doing the things you love. When you call Nichols & Phipps for a lighting project, we will assess your needs, develop a plan, repair or replace lighting as needed and employ switches for convenience.  We complete all jobs on time at a price you will love. We focus on usability and function--recommending solutions to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Lighting Services

  • Indoor Lighting fixture replacement or repair
  • Troubleshooting bulbs that burn out too quickly?
  • Change out fixtures that have bulbs that are hard to find, hard to replace or expensive to replace
  • Installation or relocation of Switches and dimmers
  • Installation of Recessed Lighting (Can Lights)
  • Ballast Replacements
  • LED Lighting Retro-Fitting For Energy Efficiency
  • Installation of Ceiling Fans in rooms that need extra air movement
  • Indoor Lighting Repair
  • Replace Bathroom Lighting
  • Adding Under Cabinet Lighting or Additional Kitchen Lights - one of the best ways to beautify your kitchen, help eye fatigue while prepping and honestly helps you feel like you are not getting old and going blind (it’s poor lighting NOT you!)

There are so many ways Nichols & Phipps, your NOVA residential electrician, can help with your interior lighting. If you have an idea, we can help find a solution.

Tired of not enough light or light in all the wrong places? Let Nichols & Phipps help! We can work with you to create a lighting plan that will help you get the most from your home. Call us today at (703)-670-8519.

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