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Whole Home Surge Protection

Protect Your Home From Power Surges

You may already use a surge protector for your computer, but what about your laptop, tablet, video game systems, television or even major equipment like your HVAC unit?  A power surge, due to lighting or electrical malfunction, could wreak havoc on this equipment. The answer lies in a whole house surge protector.

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Why Do You Need a Whole House Surge Protector?

Nearly every electric-powered device in your home comes equipped for a microprocessor. This includes your computer, but also items like your AC unit. Without protection, a seemingly small power surge could destroy the processor and render your treasured electronics useless. Replacing these items is costly, much more so than installing a whole-home surge protector.

Lightning storms can cause power surges at any time, so you may not be able to unplug your expensive equipment and avoid an issue. In addition, insurance may not cover the replacement or repair costs associated with an electrical surge. The best way to prepare is by having a whole-house unit installed ahead of time.

A whole home surge protector gives you peace of mind, has the potential to save you money and best of all, it protects each and every outlet in the home. Installation from professionals is an efficient process. Once you decide to install the protection, our technicians can get the job done quickly.

If you would like to learn more about how a whole house surge protector can keep your electronic items safe from lighting and other causes of a surge, reach out to us at Nichols & Phipps today. We are excited to help you!

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