Neglecting your AC System Can be a Costly Mistake.

Is your comfort system happy & healthy?
Or Slowly dying in the attic or side yard?

Air conditioning inspections & MAINTENANCE

A Well-Maintained Air Conditioner

An air conditioner and your HVAC system as a whole is a complex piece of machinery. Many parts work in unison to keep you cool. When any of the components start to fail or stops working altogether, your AC system can't do its job. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent significant, costly malfunction. Catching problems early while the price tag and the effect on working parts

Catching problems early while the price tag and the effect on working parts are at its lowest, is the goal of a maintenance plan.

Be kind to your AC, have it annually inspected to ensure it is there for you when you need it most.

The last thing you want is to be surprised by a major air conditioning failure in the middle of the summer. Not only is that expensive, but it may take some time and effort to get your system working properly again than it does to maintain its working order. You don’t want to get hit with this disaster in the middle of summer during the high-demand season. Regularly maintaining your AC system is the best way to prevent such an issue from occurring.

Reasons to have your AC system inspected:

  • You just purchased the home and have no idea of the health of the HVAC system
  • You are not fond of being caught by surprise
  • You feel that knowledge is power.
  • Ongoing maintenance reduces the risk of failure during the summer heat when your system is under duress.
  • You like finding and fix problems early while the price tag is smaller
  • A well-maintained system is more energy efficient
  • It can lower your energy bills
  • A fine-tuned system leads to better air quality
  • Extend the life of your HVAC unit
  • Your home will be more comfortable--reducing your stress level
  • Regular AC maintenance keeps your warranty valid

We can maintain all makes and models of HVAC system. Even if we didn’t install your system, we are happy to help you keep your unit in good repair. We are always completely transparent with our pricing and if we make a recommendation for repair or replacement that you can trust us.

Yes, your AC system is “working” now,
but how well and for how long?

Don't be caught by surprise.
Have your system inspected before cooling and heating season.

Knowledge is Power

A performance inspection will help you plan for the future.

When you schedule a performance inspection, you will receive a cooling season inspection in the spring/summer and a heating inspection in the fall/winter. When finished our technician will go over their findings, give you a snapshot of your system's health and provide you with repair recommendations if needed.

ChecklistCooling SeasonHeating Season
Safety controlsac system tune upheating system inspection
Electrical connectionsac system tune upheating system inspection
Lubricate moving partsac system tune upheating system inspection
Operating cycleac system tune upheating system inspection
Thermostatac system tune upheating system inspection
Air filtersac system tune upheating system inspection
Operating pressuresac system tune upheating system inspection
Heating or cooling temperature splitac system tune upheating system inspection
Air flowac system tune upheating system inspection
Indoor & outdoor cooling coilac system tune up
Condensate drain linesac system tune up
Insulation - refrigerant line ac system tune up
Capacitors, contractor points, and relaysac system tune up
Amp draw on motorsac system tune up
Static pressureac system tune up
Gas leaksheating system inspection
Pilot light/ignitionheating system inspection
Flue draftheating system inspection
Components of blowerheating system inspection
Burnersheating system inspection
Heat exchangerheating system inspection
Carbon monoxide safetyheating system inspection

If you would like more information about our central air maintenance program, call and talk to us at Nichols & Phipps today. We look forward to helping you keep all your stuff working for as long as possible.

Fact #1:
AC systems love to die on holidays, weekends, during a party or when your in-laws are visiting.

Although this could be a good excuse to send the in-laws to a hotel, it is best for everyone if we just avoid the breakdown in the first place. 

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