You Have Better Things to Do Than Worry About the Health of Your HVAC System

Be honest, when was the last time you had your AC or heating system tuned up or inspected? Never?

Maintenance Saves Money & Saves Energy.

It also reduces the risk of outages and early replacement.
Take it off your to-do list and onto ours.


Nichols & Phipps inspected my AC system this Spring and found a leak in the coil. I had not noticed a problem yet but come Summer, this could have caused a system failure. NP saved me from an outage, AND it was also covered under warranty!
Tracy O.



($145 for each additional unit)

comfort club maintenance membership

Maintenance agreement for 1 year, you will receive one heating and one cooling season inspection, plus many other benefits and discounts

Valid for new members only.

HVAC Maintenance - More than just filter replacement

Our maintenance check-up includes checking and tightening electrical connections as well as measuring the voltage on motors. We conduct a thorough examination of all aspects of your system AND we can change the filter (provided by you, or let us know in advance so we can have your filter loaded on the truck)


Sign up for Comfort Club and Schedule Your Biannual Maintenance Appointment

Inspections are scheduled in the Spring for cooling inspections and the Fall for heating inspections. Sign up now to get the added benefits. We want to keep your HVAC system working in peak performance for as long as possible. We look forward to working with you!

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