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Nichols & Phipps is your expert for boiler repair and boiler service in the Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Alexandria, Fauquier, Stafford, Arlington Counties and all around Northern Virginia. We can also help with the installation of new boilers and obtain boiler parts for your current equipment. In our history, we have worked with many different types of systems and are always excited to help you repair, maintain or update your system to best serve you and your family.

Boiler repair, Boiler maintenance in Woodbridge, Va and Northern Virginia

What is a Boiler, Anyway?

A boiler is a particular type of heating system–different than a furnace. While a furnace heats the air itself, a boiler heats water, and the hot water or steam is pushed through pipes to radiators (often found in the floor or on baseboards.)

Nichols & Phipps can install and repairs boilers

  • electric boilers
  • gas-fired boilers
  • oil-fired boilers

What are the Benefits of Using a Boiler for Heating?

Using a boiler for heating has many advantages. First and foremost, many people find that heating with a boiler and radiators provide a more even heat throughout the home. Plus, the systems are easier to break down into zones, allowing more control. Finally, the average boiler-based system is quieter, since there is no “blowing.”

What Should You Keep in Mind if Your Home Has a Boiler?

Quite often, the radiators in a home will have a distinct look. They may be made of cast iron or covered in sheet metal. Some people love the look, while others feel it is unsightly. In general, heating with a boiler, instead of a forced air system, is a bit more costly when it comes to energy use. However, by only operating the sections of your home that need heating, you may be able to alleviate some of those costs. Finally, the radiators are not used for cooling, so if you want AC too, there will need to be a separate system installed.

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