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Residential Backup Generators – Helping You Be Prepared

Losing power can be a huge burden or even a safety hazard. We’ve all been there, you worry about the food going bad, staying warm or staying cool, or even getting ready for work in the dark. It happens unexpectedly, not much you can do to prepare for a power loss. Actually, there is! Residential backup generators are an excellent way to be prepared “just in case” you find yourself without power for an extended time.

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How can Losing Power Impact You?

You may think that being without power is no big deal, but in reality, if you are without it for more than a few minutes, it can turn into a serious problem. In the event of power outage, you may not have access to the following (among other things):

  • Electric-powered medical equipment - most power outage issues are inconveniences, but not if you rely on power to run a critical medical device.
  • Lights - you have to fumble around the house and get dressed in the dark
  • Television - loss of news and entertainment
  • Computers - you can power your equipment
  • Internet - loss of access to the rest of the world
  • Air conditioning or electric heating - Now this can be a big deal, especially in the winter
  • A way to charge cell phones or tablets - what? No devices???!!!
  • Refrigerator or freezer - all of your food can spoil if the power is out for an extended time.
  • Electric cooking - if your food is thawing and you have electric cooking, you have no way to cook it.
  • Security system - not only are you in the dark but you are without your security protection and alert system
  • Electric garage door opener - this is often a forgotten convenience… what do you mean the little button doesn’t open the door anymore???

Whole House Backup – The Ideal Solution

Nichols & Phipps can equip your house with a home standby generator. This unit can provide power during an emergency, or if you lose power because of a problem with your utility company. This addition can make all the difference in dealing with a power outage. You will never get stuck without needed power again.

Like all of our electrical services, when you choose Nichols & Phipps to install a generator at your home, you’re getting service you can trust. We are committed to providing the best installation of high-quality equipment at an affordable price. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, reach out to us by phone today.



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