Pet dander and indoor air quality

Pet Owners! Get More Life Out Of Your HVAC Unit With These 6 Tips

There's nothing better than coming home to a loving pet. Whether a dog or a cat, big or small, pets are always happy to see you. They’re our best friends and our confidants. They give us unconditional love and keep us company. The only downside to having a pet is the mess they make.

Dander and hair from cats, dogs, and even rabbits can build up in the air. Pet dander can trigger allergies and even cause asthma attacks. Pet dander and hair can also be a nuisance for your HVAC unit – clogging it and making it run slower. It doesn't have to be this way though!

Here are six tips to get more life out of your HVAC unit as a pet owner.

1. Keep Pets Well-Groomed

Keeping your pets well-groomed will help to manage the amount that they shed. This is especially true when they're transitioning from a light summer coat to a thicker winter coat. During this time, many pets shed heavily. Grooming pets regularly helps to keep the amount they shed under control. It also reduces the amount they shed inside the house. This means less pet hair will get caught in the filter of your HVAC unit, so it will work more efficiently.

2. Cover Exposed Wires

Exposed wires on your HVAC unit can be a tempting target for pets to chew on. If you have puppies or kittens it's likely that they'll attempt to chew exposed wires, particularly when they're teething. However, even if you have older pets, they may still be tempted to have a nibble at exposed wires. Damage to the wires over time makes your HVAC unit less efficient. Avoid this and keep you and your pets safe by covering any exposed wires. Your HVAC unit will thank you for it!

3. Section Off Outdoor Condenser Units

Keeping your pets away from outdoor condenser units is also important to get more out of your HVAC unit. Curious pets can injure themselves and damage the condenser by relieving themselves on or against the condenser. This can cause the balances to disintegrate over time. It also creates expensive refrigerant leaks. Sectioning off your outdoor condenser unit gets rid of these problems. This means you'll get more value out of your HVAC unit.

4. Change Your AC Filters Regularly

Pet dander and pet hair can cause the AC filters of your HVAC unit to get clogged. While your HVAC unit will still work, it won't cool down your home as efficiently. In short, it will be more expensive to run, and less effective. Avoid this by changing the AC filters on a regular basis. If you have several pets, or your pets are heavy shedders, you may need to do it more often. You'll get more life out of your HVAC unit. It will work better, cost you less money and last for a lot longer.

5. Get An Air Purification System

Air purification systems work by removing various allergens from the air in your home. Some systems can get rid of up to 92% of these allergens. This includes pet dander, which can clog up your HVAC unit over time. As the unit gets clogged, it works less efficiently. It will also break down quicker. Reducing the amount of dander that gets into your unit goes a long way to making it last longer. This is important if you have several pets, or pets that shed often. An air purification system will help you get more value out of your HVAC unit.

6. Run Your Unit At A Cooler Temperature

If you have a thermostat, set your HVAC unit to run at a cooler temperature when you're not at home. If your pets are kept inside during the day, this will help to keep them comfortable. This is especially important if your pet has a thick or heavy coat.

Running your unit at a cooler temperature also reduces moisture in the air. Dry air is more comfortable than humid air, for both you and your pet. It also cuts down on the amount of mold spores and damp that will build up in your home. Less mold spores in the air means that your HVAC unit will get clogged less often, and run more efficiently.

These six tips will help you get more life out of your HVAC unit if you're a pet owner. Keeping pets can sometimes make things a little bit more complicated, but they’re worth the effort! If you're interested in maintaining or repairing your HVAC unit, or you're looking to get a new one installed, give us a call today.