What Can You Do to Fight Coronavirus in Your Home?

Things are scary right now. There are a lot of uncertainties, rumors, and confusing advice going round online about COVID-19.

We know that things are stressful at the moment, so we’ve created this easy-to-understand guide covering a few ways you can protect your home – and addressing some of those online rumors too!

You probably already know we handle both plumbing and HVAC here at Nichols & Phipps, so we’ve decided to cover both aspects of your home in this post:

HVAC & Coronavirus

Plumbing, Home Care & Coronavirus

Can your HVAC system help you against the Coronavirus?

One of the biggest questions going around regarding HVAC systems and COVID-19 is how much effect do they have on the virus?

Can HVAC systems prevent the Coronavirus from coming into your home?

Do they increase your chances of contracting it?

Your HVAC system can operate as usual. 

Humidification, air conditioning, and duct cleaning have no effect on how the Coronavirus is transmitted – which means you can continue your life as normal when it comes to using your HVAC system.

Hey, if we’re going to be stuck inside for a few weeks, we may as well be comfortable. Right?

Your HVAC system can’t defend you against the virus, but it can help you and your family during prolonged times at home.

Change the filters in your HVAC unit at least once a month.

Clean filters =  cleaner air. For anyone who suffers from respiratory issues, it’ll make breathing easier – especially if they’re at high risk when it comes to catching the virus.

TIP: There aren’t any filters proven to protect you against COVID-19, so don’t buy into anyone telling you otherwise. 

UV disinfection systems

One of the things that makes COVID-19 so dangerous is its ability for those infected to spread it before showing symptoms.

By using UV disinfection systems at home, you can help decrease the chances of infection.

By adding an upper-air and HVAC germicidal fixture to your system, you’ll be able to decrease the potential spread of any airborne diseases in your home.

UV germicidal systems have been able to reduce the number of pathogens that are found in your HVAC system and drain pan. Without this reduction in pathogens, they would be distributed around your home and potentially cause illness.

Although the UV systems can kill an awful lot of germs and pathogens, it’s not known yet whether it will have an effect against the Coronavirus.

Plumbing & home care

Keep your kitchen clean

Just like washing your hands regularly, you want to keep your kitchen clean too.

Whether you’re getting your groceries delivered or shopping in-store, thoroughly disinfect them before putting them away.

To help prevent risk, wipe down any surfaces with disinfectant before preparing food.

Bathroom tips to prepare your home for the virus

With everyone stuck at home, your bathroom is getting some serious use. Possibly overuse.

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