Is re-piping my home necessary?

Your plumber may have mentioned that “re-piping” your home would be a good idea or perhaps you're worried about the quality of the pipes yourself. Are you asking yourself “Is re-piping my home really necessary?” Possibly. If you have an older home, it could be that your pipes have come to the end of their life or maybe an accident or emergency has caused irreparable damage to the pipes. On the other hand, there are occasions where even a major leak can be repaired and years of life added to your existing piping. We want to help you discover whether re-piping is the right decision for you.

The Age of Your Pipes

First, it is important that you know what type of pipes you have and how old they are. Many older homes were originally constructed with galvanized pipes. Over time, these pipes break down and may begin interacting with chemicals that are already in the water. In this case, you will see discoloration in your water, especially when you first turn it on. Even homes that are only a couple of decades old may see problems when galvanized pipes are used. PEX (a type of plastic) pipe may last 40 years or more—but after that time you will usually see leaks and issues that make replacing a smarter decision. Copper and other pipe types have long lives, but nearly any product can become damaged after decades of heavy use.

Signs That Your Home May Need to Be Re-piped

Some of the most common signs your home may need to be re-piped include:

  • Dirty or discolored water
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Repeated or heavy leaks

The best way to determine whether repiping is necessary is to discuss the situation with a trusted plumber. Nichols & Phipps is proud of our reputation as “the honest plumbers.” We will never recommend repiping unless we feel it is the best option and that it will save you money in the long run. If you would like to learn more about re-piping or to talk about your specific situation, call or contact us today. We look forward to helping you make the right decision for your home.

If a plumber has suggested re-piping your home and you just aren't sure if it is the right choice… give us a call for a 2nd opinion on re-piping.


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