warning signs of a pipe repair

Warning signs pipe repairs are needed

Spotting pipe issues can be very difficult as they are usually located under floors and between walls, making it hard for anyone but a licensed plumber to assess if there is a problem and where the piping issue exists. Piping problems often worsen due to their hidden nature. Leaking pipes not only waste money but they can cause a significant amount of money for water damage restoration services. Identifying the signs a pipe repair is needed as early as possible is the key to avoiding a plumbing catastrophe.

Water leaks: For some minor water leaks, simply tightening a connection or swapping out the washer and gasket will work.

But, if an easy fix doesn’t take care of your water leaks, you’ll need a professional plumber. Small leaks, over time, can turn into big problems, so don’t ignore them. Fixing leaky faucets, shower heads, toilets, and pipes conserve water and prevent further damage to your plumbing system and your home.

Clogged Pipes: Most clogs can be solved with a plunger or sewer snake, but sometimes those don’t solve the problem permanently. Remember, using chemical drain cleaners can’t clear most clogged pipes and their toxic ingredients can damage your plumbing system. For stubborn clogs, call in an experienced plumbing contractor to clear the lines safely and effectively, helping you avoid future problems and expensive repairs.

Low water pressure: if you are experiencing a lower pressure than normal especially if it is a sudden water pressure drop, this could be a sign of a pipe leak or failure in the system. Finding the cause of this particularly annoying problem can be challenging, and probably one you can’t solve on your own… time to call a plumber.

Rust: Pipes run throughout your home and you may notice rust in places it shouldn’t be. Rust indicates iron in your water. Rusty water could mean that you have old pipes that need to be replaced. Or it could indicate that you need a new water heater, and in some rare cases, it may indicate a problem with the safety of the water.

In any case, don’t take chances. If you see rust-colored water come from your faucet, don’t put off calling a professional plumber.

Sewer Odors: If you suddenly smell sewer odors, either indoors or outside, contact a plumbing contractor as soon as possible, because this is usually a sign of a serious problem. Without prompt attention, you risk a sewage backup in your home and no one wants that.

Contaminated water: If your water is visibly murky you need to call for an inspection immediately. Water treatment systems, like water filtration and water softening, will help prevent the risk of contamination.

Soggy or super green patches in the yard: Don’t ignore unexplained puddles or patches of lush grass, this could be signs of a pipe leak outside your home. If you have an irrigation system, check first to make sure this is not the cause. If that is not the problem, underground sewer line leaks could be a problem. In this case, you will need a licensed professional plumbing contractor to handle this repair – the sooner the better.

If you suspect a pipe repair is needed, call Nichols & Phipps – your go-to plumbing service. Our plumbers are the best Northern Virginia has to offer. We come prepared with all the tools and certification necessary to make the repairs you need.


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