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Making sure your plumbing has a happy holiday season

Ah, the holidays. It’s a time for togetherness, good food, good memories… and plumbing problems. All is merry and bright until Uncle Gary clogs the upstairs toilet, the twins have flushed their new Christmas socks in the downstairs toilet, and your husband lovingly poured the turkey grease into the garbage disposal. Oh, and if that’s…

Not all plumbing projects are DIy

Not All Plumbing Repairs are DIY

DIY plumbing repair. Should you do it yourself or should you hire a professional? Here are a 5 major plumbing task that requires an experienced plumber. 1. Working with Gas Gas is inherently dangerous. It isn’t healthy to breathe, and a simple spark can cause a fire and even an explosion. Gas should be respected. If…


Is re-piping my home necessary?

Your plumber may have mentioned that “re-piping” your home would be a good idea or perhaps you’re worried about the quality of the pipes yourself. Are you asking yourself “Is re-piping my home really necessary?” Possibly. If you have an older home, it could be that your pipes have come to the end of their…