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It’s Time to Get Your Heating System Check-Up

Fall is here, but winter is just around the corner…don't forget to book your heating system check-up!

Our calendar is filling up fast. Don't wait!

If you are a Comfort Club program member, you have a pre-paid spot. Let's get you on the calendar.

Not a CC member? You can still schedule a 1x Heating Inspection to make sure everything is in good working order.

Neglecting Your Heating System Can Be a Costly Mistake

Fall means the leaves are changing colors; you get to wear your favorite sweater and boots, and let’s not forget all the pumpkin-flavored food and drinks that crop up this time of year. Yum!

But guess what… fall also means cooler weather is coming. Are you ready?

The most important preparation you can make is to have your heating system inspected so it is in good working order and ready for cold winter weather.

Your heater has a big job of keeping you snuggly and warm this winter season. Be proactive. Don’t let it die on the coldest day. Let Nichols & Phipps keep your system running so you are warm and toasty all season long!

What is a Heating Inspection?

A heating inspection includes a full range of checks on your heating system. It is designed to find small issues before they can turn into big problems and is a major part of the preventative maintenance you'll have for your heating unit. Scheduling pre-season maintenance and inspection is one of the best ways to assure your heating system will make it through the cold winter months without fail.

Why Do You Need this Inspection?

An inspection can save you money. Not only will you find small problems before they turn into big ones (so that you can avoid those major repair bills), but your inspector may find issues that make your system use more energy and make your utility bills higher. Finally, an inspection or heating tuneup can help you find problems while your system is still under warranty.

What Gets Inspected?

ChecklistHeating Season
Safety controlsheating system inspection
Electrical connectionsheating system inspection
Lubricate moving partsheating system inspection
Operating cycleheating system inspection
Thermostatheating system inspection
Air filtersheating system inspection
Operating pressuresheating system inspection
Heating or cooling temperature splitheating system inspection
Air flowheating system inspection
Gas leaksheating system inspection
Pilot light/ignitionheating system inspection
Flue draftheating system inspection
Components of blowerheating system inspection
Burnersheating system inspection
Heat exchangerheating system inspection
Carbon monoxide safetyheating system inspection

Reasons to have your heating system inspected:

  • You just purchased the home and have no idea of the health of your heating system
  • You are not fond of being caught by surprise
  • Ongoing maintenance reduces the risk of failure during the cold winter when your system is under duress.
  • You like finding and fixing problems early while the price tag is smaller
  • Knowledge is power.

What Does it Cost?

It's $75.00 for a one-time heating season inspection ($89 for each additional unit) for new customers. See the coupons below.

Our Comfort Club Maintenance Program starts at $169 ($145 for each additional unit) for new members and includes 2 inspections per year, priority service calls, a 20% discount on service calls, 15% off on repairs, plus a whole lot more during your membership year.

Give us a call at (703) 670-8519 with any questions you might have.

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