5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your HVAC System

Goodbye winter, hello sunny spring!

With the seasons changing, it's time to get your home sparkling and fresh, letting you enjoy the sunshine with your nearest and dearest.

While you're vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing, don't forget about your trusty HVAC system! Often overlooked in the spring clean, you'll want it running smoothly over the next few months to avoid being left uncomfortable and sweaty during those hot summer days.

Help your air conditioning unit stay strong and reliable by following these 5 spring cleaning tips:

1. Clear The Exterior Unit's Area

With the winter weather we had this year, you might not have ventured outside to have a look at your HVAC outdoor unit (we don't blame you either!).

As the weather improves, it's a great chance to head outside and check out the area around the unit. We always recommend maintaining a clearance zone of 2 feet around the outdoor unit. This helps maximize the airflow around the unit, helping it to pump that sweet, cool air in when you need it most!

Clear any plants or trees that look like they’re beginning to invade the unit's space. Remove any debris and you can use a garden hose to get rid of any external dirt build up too.

2. New Season, New Filter!

If you're a good HVAC owner, you'll be checking your air filters once a month or every 3 months if you have a media filter. If you've slacked on this over winter, now's the time to get back into the habit.

Clogged air filters will force your system to work overtime to push air through your home – which not only reduces your indoor air quality, it costs you more to run the system too.

The solution? Check your air filter once a month and replace it before it gets clogged.
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3. Clear The Drain

With winter comes rain and snow and with that comes a build up debris. Your AC unit needs a clear drain to work properly, a blockage can cause damaging clogs and flooding. You don't need any fancy equipment for this one – you can use a hanger or a strong, long wire to clear out the drain.

4. Clean The Coils

Dirty coils can add serious $$ to your running costs during the cooling season!

To avoid burning through money you could be spending on something much more fun, it’s important to keep your AC's coils clean. They need to be regularly inspected and cleaned – if you don't feel comfortable doing this, hire a professional to do the job for you. We have an HVAC maintenance program that will take care of these details for you.

5. Patch Up Holes In The Vents

If you've got holes in your ventilation system, it's going to reduce your home's comfort levels this summer and also cost you more in your electric bills.

Before summer kicks in, check your system's vents for any dents or unwanted openings. If you can, seal them up with duct tape – if there's a serious hole, it might require a professional's touch.

4 HVAC Spring Cleaning Jobs You Definitely Shouldn't Do

Ok, so we’ve run through 5 cleaning tips you can do for your HVAC system, now we need to look at HVAC maintenance jobs you shouldn’t do.

These are all essential tasks that need to be carried out annually by a professional:

  • Measure the voltage and electrical current on motors
  • Tighten the electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant levels and adjusting as needed

When it comes to your family's comfort and safety this summer, it's best to get the professionals in to keep your system running smooth.

When you schedule a Nichols & Phipps HVAC maintenance check, you get a qualified, experienced and fully insured HVAC technician visit your premises.

Every member of the team works to the highest standards possible – making sure to clean your HVAC system thoroughly, but also spotting any potential problems before they start causing you issues. Call Nichols & Phipps now to secure your HVAC inspection.

Check out our Comfort Club Heating & Cooling Maintenance Program.