2021 bathroom design trends

New Bathroom Design Trends For 2021

A new bathroom is a perfect way to spruce up your home for the new year – and add some value to it as well!

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom – which is why it’s the perfect room in the house to get remodeled and make it more comfortable/useful. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you’re going to want to think about design features that will make it more suitable for your family.

Don’t hold back when it comes to designing the perfect bathroom for your home – this isn’t a project you want to be doing every couple of years!

If you need some fresh ideas for your bathroom remodel, we’ve just got the ticket to help. Take a look at these bathroom design trends for 2021 and see what stands out for you.

Compact bathrooms

Having extra space in a bathroom is one of the small luxuries in life – and the best way to get that is by embracing compact design elements. Even if your bathroom is on the larger size, it’s still nice to have a design where everything can be neatly tucked away so you can enjoy your bathroom time in peace.

Compact bathrooms are all about making the most out of your space, especially if you’ve got a small bathroom. This type of design is definitely going to be trending in 2021 as it allows you to keep your bathroom more organized and gives you the room to enjoy your shower, bath, or morning routine freely.

These bathrooms are often decorated with small personal touches and feature floor-to-ceiling furnishings, with hidden storage under vanities, wall recesses, and discreet shelving.

Wooden elements

Wood is a brilliant material to have in your bathroom if you want to bring natural warmth into your home. You might not have thought about it before, but wood actually goes really well in bathroom designs and is definitely a rising trend for 2021.

Wood has been used in a lot of our recent bathroom designs in bathroom furniture, storage cabinets, and even countertops. It works really well in sleek, modern designs and adds a sometimes-rustic look to your bathroom if you opt for a natural finish.

For 2021, we’re expecting to see wood used in tasteful wall coverings or as flooring. It can be combined really well with tiles to create an elegant and modern look.

Another upcoming trend to do with wooden features and bathrooms is decorating bathrooms with wooden pallets. Pallets bring a real natural warmness to the room and give off a cozy feeling even when visiting the bathroom during the morning's early hours.

Marble bathrooms

In 2021 we’ll definitely see the arrival (or maybe the return) of marble to bathroom designs. Marble is a beautiful, delicate, and elegant material and is a perfect choice when remodeling a bathroom.

Marble is always a favorite amongst decorators and homeowners thanks to its luxurious look – and long life span.

If you’re thinking of adding a bit of glamor into your bathroom in the new year, then marble is the way to go.

Bathroom color trends for 2021

Colors are an important part of any bathroom remodel. You can let your imagination go wild when it comes to picking the right color for your bathroom cabinets and tiles.

Choose a mix of colors for your remodel. Give it a tropical look with soft yellows and greens, or make it look inviting with gentle pinks and light blues.

However, the colors that stand out the most when it comes to bathroom designs are blues, greens, and pastels. The most popular bathroom color is white, which can be combined with almost any other shade to give your bathroom that extra pop of color.

Golden details

This year, gold will be a trend you can't ignore. Golden details in bathrooms are going to continue to rise this year, and for good reason. It looks great in modern bathroom designs and, when done right, gives a real luxurious feel – just be careful not to overdo it, or it'll look tacky.

No matter what color you choose as your main color, gold goes great as an accent. Golden details will give any bathroom design a refined look, making it into a luxury paradise for you and your family to unwind in.

More black in the bathroom

Interestingly enough, although white is still a very popular color for bathrooms, black is starting to gain favor and be used a lot in bathroom designs.

Black is being used in modern bathroom designs to reflect a more unique style and personality. It creates a playful, adventurous, and wild look to a bathroom and goes well with pastels and wooden features. It’s also a nice accent to have if you’re fond of plants in your bathroom, as it goes really well with greenery. 


While there are many specific design trends this year, sustainability doesn't seem to be slowing down in popularity – even when it comes to bathrooms.

Sustainability is definitely something we should all try to achieve, and 2021 bathroom remodels might just feature a lot of sustainable features, including eco-friendly bathroom products that save both water and energy.

There’s also going to be a rise in environmentally-friendly materials making going green a big bathroom trend for the new year.

At our home renovation department, Home by NP, we want to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. We have years of remodeling experience and would love to help you with your remodel in the new year.  If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom into something more luxurious or want to implement some of the latest bathroom design trends, get in contact with us today for a consultation.
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