Cut Out Clutter With These Useful Bathroom Storage Solutions

Is your bathroom getting overwhelming with random shampoo bottles and hair-tangled hairbrushes all over it? Maybe you don’t have enough storage in your bathroom, and you’ve run out of room to put all of your toiletries? Your bathroom should be an oasis of calm! Somewhere you can lock yourself away from the mayhem of the day and truly unwind.

Get your bathroom less argh and more ahhh with our favorite bathroom storage solutions.

Get Some Caddies

Caddies are super handy for storing your bathroom essentials and the days of boring, plain white plastic versions are long over.

Shower caddies can be placed in your shower very easily and ensure that you have all you need for your morning wash.

Embrace the full storage power of the caddy – they’re not just for showers! Caddies are great for bathroom storage and are the ideal companion when it comes to saving space. You can slide one down the side of your toilet for storing spare toilet roll, or keep it hidden in a cupboard to store all your bathing essentials, so they don’t clutter your bath!

Use A Ladder

If there isn’t a whole lot of floor space in your bathroom, try to use your vertical space rather than storing things on the ground.

A stylish, functional bathroom storage idea is to use ladders! These have grown in popularity the last few months, as they look stylish and provide plenty of display area too.

You can get purpose-built ladder shelves that are perfect for storing bathroom essentials or a flat ladder that is ideal for storing your fresh towels on. You can buy ladders in various widths and lengths in order for it to suit the size of your bathroom.

Hanging Baskets & Wall Shelves

Don’t have room for ladders or caddies? Make the most of your wall space with a hook rack!

Hook racks are especially versatile for bathroom storage and can be used for holding baskets stocked full of your products. You can also use it to hang jewelry or towels off. Use a hook rack next to your vanity mirror with a couple of baskets on it to store your hair and make-up products too.

Units On Units

Keep clutter hidden away and take a step closer to achieving a neater bathroom by installing some simple, yet effective, storage units.

Wall-mounted shelves are always a good choice. As they are mounted on your wall, as opposed to standing on the floor, they don’t take up a lot of room.

Bathroom storage that serves more than one purpose is also a good idea when it comes to saving space. For example, mirrored cabinets can be used to store bathroom essentials while also having a practical use being a mirror. This will help your space seem larger and lighter as well as providing storage space!

Floating storage units are effective for creating the illusion that there is more space in your bathroom. These sorts of units work well with bathrooms that have minimal space. You can use these modern-looking floating units to store bathroom products, towels and other items.

Built-In Bathroom Storage

Thinking of designing a whole new bathroom for your home? Maybe think about how you can incorporate clever storage solutions into your new bathroom. Here are some suggestions for built-in storage you can build into your bathroom that is clutter-free and ensured to free up space in your new bathroom.

Units that are purpose-built are always a great way to maximize the space you have to work within your bathroom. No matter the size or shape of your bathroom a built-in unit will always help reduce clutter. There are many custom options that can be fitted from floor-to-ceiling to help hide pipework and get the best out of every inch of your bathroom.

  • Sink Storage

When you pick out your perfect bathroom sink, consider how you can get the most of it for your storage needs.

Using a sink and vanity combination is always a good choice but it isn’t your only option. You can also use floating shelves which are built-in underneath the sink basin for a sleek, modern design.

Don’t feel like having extra shelves underneath your sink? Well, you can always choose a unit that has a couple of deep drawers and ample storage potential already built into it!

  • Hidden Bath Panels

An ingenious idea, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side, hidden bath panels make for a multi-functional piece of furniture!

A hidden storage panel consists of a space behind a panel that covers the side of your bath that isn’t being taken over by the bath itself. These can be used as nifty secret bathroom storage that keeps everything sleek and out of sight.

  • Recessed Shelves Are Your Friend

When you’re designing your bathroom and coming up with what exactly is going to go into it in terms of storage units, consider incorporating some recessed shelving units into your design.

These units are vital if your floor space is precious and they are an unobtrusive way to store your bathroom essentials. They are usually built into a false wall, but they can also be used to cover up unsightly pipework.

They are also usually a lot cheaper than building a full-on built-in cabinet and look really nice in a bathroom.

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