how to remodel your home during a pandemic

Home Remodeling During COVID-19 – What You Need to Know

COVID-19's turned the entire world upside down – and while many of us are now spending more time at home, it's tempted homeowners across the US to finish up their DIY projects, clear out the cobwebs, and turn the house they own into the home they love.

If you're considering doing a remodel during COVID-19, there are a few things to take into consideration. Getting work completed is different than it was pre-COVID, but in this blog, we're going to go through everything you need to know to make sure your family stays safe and your remodel looks great. 

Can I get building work done on my home during COVID-19?

If everyone at home is low-risk and feeling well, home remodels can go ahead as planned – as long as the recommended safety precautions are followed (i.e., wear a mask, don't be in the building during work hours, etc.)

If you're currently self-isolating or have someone in your home who's at risk, you should use these COVID-19 remodeling safety tips. 

  • Workers should only come to your home for a remodel if it's an emergency. If it's a job that can wait, it's probably best if you don't endanger any high-risk members of your home. 
  • If you need plumbers, electricians, or any other kind of trader to come into your home, make sure they stay two meters away at all times, especially around high-risk members of your household. 60% of construction workers have safely returned to work under social distancing rules.
  • If you have work done in your home, be sure to wear a mask at all times. It would help if you also encouraged other members of your household to wear masks too.
  • Before hiring a trader, builder, or contractor, be sure to check their COVID-19 safety guidelines. You'll be able to see here how they're handling their health and safety during the pandemic, which will give you an idea of what to expect when they arrive. 
  • Don't let a trader into your home unless they have sanitized their hands and are wearing a mask. 
  • Be sure to sanitize your hands and wipe down any surfaces regularly to help eliminate any bacteria that you might have picked up. 

By following these safety tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 when renovating or remodeling your home. 

Be sure to stay safe and enjoy creating your dream home!

If a team member is exposed to COVID-19, they have to follow Federal Required Protocol – which means any other team members they have worked with will have to isolate themselves for two weeks until they get a negative test result. This issue could result in your project being shut down for two weeks.

The benefits of remodeling during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic might be a pain for your remodeling schedule, but there are a few advantages to remodeling your home during COVID-19. 

Deals and sales

There aren't many people going out and buying materials, hiring contractors, or having an interest in mingling with other people. 

So, there are bound to be a lot of sales in your area. You might be able to nab yourself a really good deal for your home remodel. Your brand new kitchen or bathroom could work out to be more affordable than you thought!

Products are subject to market fluctuations, for good or bad – for instance, pressure-treated lumber has seen an increase in pricing 33% thanks to the pandemic. Many contracts will have a clause stating the cost of materials may result in a Change Order to cover the increase in purchase time.

Contactless fixtures are now widely available

Germs gather a lot around faucets, taps, and other regularly-touched fixtures, which is why contactless fixtures are always a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen. 

They could be challenging to order before, but they've slowly become mainstream for residential remodels after the high demand in the commercial sector. Now, it's a lot more common to get contactless fixtures in stores, so you'll be able to get them installed in your home. 

Your project is prioritized

Many homeowners might not want to start their work right now or are putting it off until things have calmed down. That is excellent news for you because it means you're the first in line!

Because fewer homeowners are fighting to get their work done, your project is prioritized and might even be finished quicker than expected. You'll also be able to have easier access to materials as there is less demand at the moment.

The cons of remodeling during COVID-19

Unfortunately, there is a downside to every upside, and there are a few potential drawbacks when it comes to remodeling during COVID-19. 

Backorder issues

Some retailers might not have what you want in stock at the moment because they can't get it in from their suppliers. You might struggle to find the right furniture, fixtures, or even equipment for your remodel due to backorder issues. 

Be aware that a previously readily available product in 2 weeks may now take 6 weeks due to delays in transport and manufacturing.

Material costs might go up

If materials, furniture, fixtures, and equipment is scarce, then the price might go up, especially if there is a higher demand. If this is the case, then your remodel might end up going over your target budget. 

Slow construction

Productivity is expected to be 30%-40% lower because of the coronavirus and new safety protocols – so there's a good chance this will slow down the construction of your home.

If this happens, you could be waiting a bit longer to have your dream house ready, which might also stretch out your remodel's cost. 

At our home renovation department, Home by NP, we want to make sure you get the home of your dreams with the perfect remodel. We have years of remodeling experience and would love to help you out, even during these difficult times!
Our expert installers, builders, and plumbers follow strict COVID-19 safety protocol to keep your family safe – and your project on-time.
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