HVAC Maintenance & Troubleshooting

How To Get Your AC Ready For Summer After A Long Winter

We often go from having freezing cold temperatures to being scorched in the blazing heat of the afternoon sun, and because of this, our air conditioning units are left unused for months on end. As we are just coming out of the winter months and the temperature starts to rise, our AC units will be…

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Pet dander and indoor air quality

Pet Owners! Get More Life Out Of Your HVAC Unit With These 6 Tips

There’s nothing better than coming home to a loving pet. Whether a dog or a cat, big or small, pets are always happy to see you. They’re our best friends and our confidants. They give us unconditional love and keep us company. The only downside to having a pet is the mess they make. Dander…

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natural gas leaks

Gas Leaks and How to Prevent Them

If you think you have a leak it’s too late to stop it now – leave the house immediately and call the gas company. Gas leaks are no joke.  If you smell gas in your home right now – leave your home and CALL THE GAS COMPANY RIGHT NOW! Ok, now that’s out of the…

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Home humidity

How To Remove Humidity From Your Home

Not only do air conditioners cool your home during the hot summer months, but they can also dramatically reduce the humidity levels in your house. Controlling humidity levels in your home influences how comfortable you are and is directly related to energy reduction and AC/home maintenance costs. Too little or too much humidity causes problems…

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damaged heat exchanger

Signs of a Damaged Furnace Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is an integral part of your furnace – it keeps the combustion chamber and the breathing air separate within the furnace. Made of thin metal panels (and sometimes coils), a heat exchanger is designed to heat the air before it is distributed throughout the house. The metal panels or coils of the…

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warning signs you need a heater repair

Warning Signs You Need To Repair or Replace Your Heating System

Those long, laidback summer nights are gone and winter’s harsh cold snaps and icicles are on their way. Before the freezing weather takes hold, make sure you’re not caught by surprise with a broken down heating system when you need it most. Check out our list below for signs your heating needs some TLC. 1.…

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which air filter is the best

Is a dense, expensive air filter the best choice?

TL;DR – In a rush? Here’s everything we cover in this article: Dense air filters can actually suffocate your AC system – If you look at the cross section of the thin, but dense (high MERV) AC filters, there’s a ton of filter material shoved in a one-inch frame. This pile up of filter material…

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Help, I have a frozen AC system!

It is a hot summer’s day and your AC suddenly stops working. You walk outside and see ice all over your air-conditioner… you have a frozen AC system. All you need to do is turn it off and let it melt, that will fix it! Wrong. The real problem starts inside on your indoor coil.…

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Pest Proofing Your HVAC System This Spring

When winter turns to spring, and eventually summer, pests come crawling out from hiding in search of food, moisture and shelter. Because your HVAC system keeps temperatures comfortable and you have food available in your pantry, your home is a great place for bugs and vermin to thrive. Unfortunately, even the tiniest of insects can cause irreparable…

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Why and When to Replace an HVAC Evaporator Coil

Why and When to Replace a Coil Evaporator coils are a hot topic when it comes to HVAC repairs. Sometimes a bad HVAC evaporator coil leads to people replacing their whole HVAC unit. So, today we will be touching on what the evaporator coil is, why it goes bad, and when you need to replace…

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