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Planning a bathroom remodel?

Remodeling your bathroom is exciting. You have probably spent hours imagining what your space will look like with an update. You have picked out colors, surface materials and you have some idea of what layout you desire. You may have even spent some time browsing ideas on Pinterest planning your bathroom remodel.

However, Pinterest expertise may not be enough help when it comes time to bring your ideas into reality. Because a bathroom remodel is a big investment, you want to make sure things are done the right way. Whether you are having a contractor complete much of the work or you want to DIY as much as possible, it is vital that you keep in mind the plumbing aspects of your bathroom. Before you go any further with planning your remodel, consider these major plumbing concerns that you will want to resolve first.

  • Plumbing may not run everywhere – Realize that it may be difficult if not impossible to run piping to every corner of your bathroom. Before you design that dream floor plan, you may wish to consult with the plumber and find out what is actually possible.
  • Plumbing work can damage your materials – Because plumbing work is done behind the scenes, the plumber may need to reach areas of your bathroom behind the tiles or another surface. That's why consulting with the plumber before you lay down any new surface is so important.
  • Demoing can wreak havoc on the pipes – During the demolition portion of your renovation, you may find that pipes are in your way, or you may accidentally damage one of them. Having a plumber evaluate the situation first could help you prevent a disaster. At the very least, know where your shutoff valves are before you begin any project.
  • You may not find plumbing problems until deep into the project – If your plans have only included improving the looks of your bathroom, you may be forgetting the most important part of the job. The last thing you want to do is attach all new bathroom fixtures and THEN realize your copper pipes are covered with limescale or that you have a leak.

You can avoid most of the problems mentioned above by consulting with a licensed plumber during the planning stages of your project. Even if your contractor claims he or she knows plumbing, this may not be good enough. Bathroom remodels are complex and can be quite costly if you wind up with a plumbing emergency on your hands. Be smart, and save yourself money and stress by preparing for your bathroom remodel with a licensed plumber.

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