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What is the Best Type of Water Heater to Use in Northern Virginia?

What is the best water heater to buy?

Despite 20% of the average household’s expenses taken up by the cost of heating water, water heaters are usually ignored until they stop working. There are so many options, how do you know the best water heater to buy? It’s safe to say the reason why you’re reading this today is that your water heater…

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Plumbing Tricks and Insider Tips of the Trade

plumbing tricks of the trade

We’ve been around since the 70’s and through our years in the business, we’ve seen a thing or two! Our expert team have quite a few secrets of the trade and we would like to pass on a few of these tips to you. Many plumbers want to horde their knowledge and keep it to…

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Plumbing Noises and What They Mean

plumbing noises

Are your water pipes driving you crazy with banging, squealing and whistling noises? Not only are they a huge headache to listen to, but excessive or odd plumbing noises might also be an indication that something’s not quite right with your plumbing system. In general, pipes shouldn’t make any noise at all – so if…

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The 6 Fundamentals of Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling

If you didn’t already realize it, your entire bathroom is built around a huge plumbing system. There aren’t many components in the bathroom that don’t rely on your home’s plumbing to work. Before you think about demolishing and remodeling your bathroom, you need to know a bit about plumbing. Here are our 6 fundamentals on…

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Help! My Pipes are Frozen! How to Unfreeze Pipes

My pipes are frozen, now what?

The best way to deal with freezing pipes is to prevent them in the first place, but the chances are if you’re reading this it’s probably already happened! When pipes freeze, the water inside expands, which can cause the pipe to burst and flood your home quickly – resulting in a major disaster and and…

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How to unclog a blocked toilet

How to unclog a toilet

With the holiday season fast approaching, your toilets are going to be under added pressure to keep up with all your guests. There’s an unspoken universal rule that toilets will clog at the most awkward time possible – so here’s a quick and easy guide on how to unblock your toilet. Remember: your toilet could…

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How To Save Money On My Water Bill

how to save money on the water bill

Ever feel like you’re pouring your money down the drain? Well, you just might be doing just that! Water bills can be an expensive part of running a home – but unlike property taxes and those big maintenance projects, you can easily save money on your water bill. Reduce your water bill by just $25…

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Warning signs pipe repairs are needed

warning signs of a pipe repair

Spotting pipe issues can be very difficult as they are usually located under floors and between walls, making it hard for anyone but a licensed plumber to assess if there is a problem and where the piping issue exists. Piping problems often worsen due to their hidden nature. Leaking pipes not only waste money but…

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Is it Time to Replace Your Toilet?

is it time to replace the toilet?

It may not be quite as much fun to think about replacing your toilet as it is to think about buying a new car or even upgrading your living room furniture. After all, as far as purchases go, toilets are all function and very little “fun.” Despite this, there comes a time when every toilet…

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The Basics of Water Heater Maintenance

water heater maintenance basics

Think about all the things you use your water heater for on a daily basis: hot showers, washing dishes, cleaning and cooking are just a few of the reasons you need easy access to hot water. In addition to that, if your water heater broke, not only would you be inconvenienced, but you may have…

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